How to contribute?

We welcome anyone who feels inspired to contribute in a way more creative than purchasing something off the registry. Though we want our wedding to be casual, it still takes a village to bring together all the pieces for a great party. So, if you want to come early we would love to have you Saturday morning or even Friday night if you want to camp.

  • Bring a dish to share. We will provide pork, salad, bread, cake, beverages, and some sides but how great would it be to have a plethora of pasta salads and corn breads? We encourage people who show their love through cooking (like we do!) to bring a small side dish to share, enough for 15-20 people. If you are traveling from out of town and hauling food is inconvenient, no problem! We do have a large walk-in cooler to keep things refrigerated, but oven space is very limited.
  • Bring seeds for our wildflower garden. For you seed savers and gardeners–please bring some of your favorite native wildflower and grass seeds to broadcast on our wedding day. Please do not bring anything that could potentially be considered an invasive or noxious weed. If you have any questions about this don’t hesitate to ask us!
  • If you are coming early, lend a hand with setting up, preparing food, or arranging flowers!

Our Registry is on Just look up one of our names to see the list.

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